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40 - Kaleidoscope Jackie Kashain

We are back from a little Dipshit HQ hiatus and bringing it in big with Jackie Kashian today as we figure out the logistics of boxing an opossum in the attic, grab a hold of finances and how to help a sweet, Christian, girl tell people to F-off! We went big on the return and now it's time for you to enjoy!

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Bonus: Steve O’Harvey

We wanted to make a special point for a special Person. Steve O'Harvey...a great man and comedian, was remembered and celebrated on this special question today.

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39 - Delight Dave Holmes

What an incredible episode! We start out with a call from NORWAY!!! Dave Holmes, writer and interviewer of all the goods, joins today to help answer a stuck journalist wanting to switch his position to be writing stories he actually likes and cares about, how to approach a hard conversation with a partner you love about a crossroads in your future wants, and finally how to embrace a glorious and majestic beard.

Find Dave Holmes:
Homophilia Podcast
Party Of One

38 - Bad Boy Tom Segura

Welcome the bad boy of Your Mom's House Podcast, Tom Segura; who is really well built for wrestling. The gang covers how to move forward with telling someone you want to take the relationship to the next level, how to move forward with telling someone you're romantically interested in and Sally is here to help us reflect on the lonely moment when you're transitioning into a new life phase aka out of college and entering the workforce. We find a way to play "Bad Boys" when cops pull someone over... Thank you Tom.

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Mom's House Podcast

37 - Lisa Hanawalt (Indy’s Mom)

Welcoming on Advice From A Dipshit is Cartoonist and Indy's mom, Lisa Hanawalt! The group discusses dogs, and emotional self expression through art, or if you're Matt...trash throwing. Then we help out guy who's girlfriends parents are aging and becoming really dependent, how to make adult friends because you're the single one of your crew along married couples and babies. Then making a bumble profile out of no experience.

You can find Lisa's amazing work on BoJack Horseman and Tuca + Bertie
Podcast (Baby Geniuses)

36 - Very Smart Rhea Butcher

Welcoming Rhea Butcher to the plate for knocking out advice on dating other comedians, how to keep a healthy routine when you want to fall off the rails in the new relationship, marriage future crossroads and how to become a vegetarian. Matt uses the word Untenable again but it doesn't phase Rhea because she is very smart. It gets at dipshit HQ.

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35 - The Brauns Reunited - Kurt Braunohler

The Brauns are together to thwart swamp @ss, the boss who wants to be buddies and a handful of baby problems. May their mighty politeness overtake the evils of the land and cover the wounds with "Patch Um Up Jobs." It was a pleasure to have Kurt Braunohler on the podcast today.
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Youtube (the intro video is adorable)

33 - Keto King Steve Agee

Incase you were questioning our credentials on the podcast we talk diet hacks with the keto king, Steve Agee today about if you take a pause between two poops did you go once or twice, and other complex concepts of a pooping intermission. Then what to do when you live by an animal hospital that leaves its patients outside at night, a complicated relationship with a possessive ex-boyfriend still in the picture and with two months left on your lease - what do you do about that check oil light? Quality encompasses our entourage today!
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"We're No Doctors" podcast
The Sarah Silverman Program
With Matt on "Super Store" coming March 7th on NBC

32 - Daddy Issues

Life and psychology are full of many chapters, few more common than "daddy issues," You called out and Amanda heard your cries. Therefore on this episode, Matt and Amanda join forces to cover the son of a military veteran, who is also a vet, discovers that his father lied about his service. A woman stuck on how to tell people her father died, what to do with a father who is unsuccessful in dating and how to talk to your dad about the credit card he gave you but not your sister. Fill up your bath with lavender Epsom salts, to relax after a long day of bare hand hunting bucks to feed your family, thank St. Kevin Bacon for the feast and share into the insight Matt's therapist has given him.

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31-Fabulous Fave Willam

The time has come in one's dipshit education when you need to learn about bus stations and pubes. Luckily there is no one better than the effervescent drag queen Willam to help Matt with finding out if your cute coworker is gay, how you should shave your pubes, because "New Year, New You," and a longly truck driver called the Phallic philosopher can't get no love. How do you take your hot dog?
You can find Willam:
Race Chaser Podcast

30-So Horney You Go Blind

Old friend and Ikea Heights Co-Star Randall Park is in today dishitn' the goods. We cover how to break small talk at the holiday party with good conversation starters, what was the first cd you ever bought, fresh Valentines day ideas to get you ready, since the holiday questions came a little past the wave. You knew what you were getting yourself into with this dipshit podcast. Finally, thoughts on a Friends With Benefits" relationship gone complicated and where to get a "follow Your Heart" tattoo. Setting you up for success in the new year via Advice from some dipshits.Find Randall Park on Fresh Off The BoatHis new film with Ali Wong - Always Be My Maybe And Instagram! @RandallPark Bonus Ikea Heights Link (Amanda's Obsessed) 

29- Notorious Randall Park

On this lost episode found!!! (Because we booked so many rad guests it had to wait) Matt discusses his keys on how to make a marriage work, when you're a groomsman invited to expensive location wedding you can't afford and how to deal with a kind but possibly condescending project manager/lab head. We've got an outdoor wild cat turned indoor window gazer, so how to bring the pep back in the kittens step? Then Matt and Amanda chat with a 21 year old with a low sex drive, who is possible asexual. More info on understanding and ways to support the Asexual/Aromantic community included below. Find resources for Asexual & Aromantic support groups near you! Asexual & Aromantic support Tumblr 7 Ways To Support A Friend Who Recently Came Out As Asexual 

28 - Jo Koy, Man

A Happy New Years Special!! Jo Koy joins the podcast today to dive into parenting and positive mentality. The group sets a few new years resolutions and off things go, covering if a father hitting 40 should stay in his stable job or pursue his dream company. A friend who sees depression in his friend and wants to help. Then a mother eager to get help on the modern dating habits of ghosting.
Bonus segment at the end!

It's the new year everyone, if there is anything you get from us to start your year right remember, 'Be Nice."

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27 - The Machine Bert Kreischer

It's an extra long holiday special with The Machine Bert Kreischer joining in today's dipshittery. Let's be real, he is the MOST QUALIFIED person for the job. From gasoline in your butt to many many other things in this episode, Bert holds up to our highest low standard. This episode covers great calls such as; how to talk to your kids as they are starting to become sexually active, thoughts on therapy for a marriage on the rocks and the needed conversation on stranger danger. To all you our amazing listener, there is plenty of extra enjoyment as the guys link up with kindred spirits stories and spin class. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
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26 - You Know

Happy Holiday Spirits Everyone!! Today Matt will be pleasantly surprised with a voicemail from long lost high school buddy, Aaron Leeman. Then he covers a holiday conundrum for a new couple trying to figure out how to split their family time, then dipshittingly late answer to how to get thanksgiving off from work question. A great debate you can cary for the holidays are chicken wings, chicken nuggets? Then a bonus at the end. This episode is full of surprised for Matt!

25- Magician Extraordinaire Rob Zabrecky

An absolutely extraordinary magician, musician and actor; Rob Zabrecky is on the podcast today with Matt answering questions about how to turn your performance character on and off, as well as how to become a great performer. Also helping a liberal wife, who's having trouble talking to her conservative husband and a long time single man is nervous over a woman he finally likes to be around. Bonus question: Does The Scorpions - "I'm Leaving You" sound like Michael Jackson's - "Beat It?"

Rob is Amanda's favorite performing magician and you can find his work at The Magic Castle, Strange Angle on CBS all access and social media. Twitter , Facebook, Instagram.

24- Card Justin Willman

Just so you all know a "card" is defined as an amusing person, and it only seemed fitting for our guest Justin Willman, who is both a comedian and magician; to be called a card. Justin helps to today with a student questioning college while in a dead-end job, a man who's regretting breaking up with his girlfriend a week ago and how to properly wipe you butt?Check out Justin's amazing shows at  Magic For Humans on Netflix The Magic Show at The Roosevelt And his US tour Magic In Real Life starting 2019!

23 - Forever Fortune Feimster

It's great to have Fortune Feimster on the podcast today, helping out with if you should build small town hype by planting a sasquatch sighting, a young chef who might be bored drinking too much and a squirting situation. Also one of our podcast favorites, SALLY, appears back on the podcast.

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22 - My Kids Could Date Better

It's Thanksgiving week and we know you're holding on to dear life at the office, so hunker down and get temporarily distracted with Matt for a few. Today we cover various stages of love; new love with a father of two teenage kids who quite frankly, thinks they could do better. Middle love from a lost romantic who feels like he put the kart before the horse and knocked up his love before they got married. Then cool things to do in New Orleans for a wedding anniversary and the heartache of still living with your ex. 

21 - Goddess Guy Braum

Witnessing a classic buddy reunion, Guy Branum joins to help out with the dipshittery and storytelling; covering issues from a young man who travels for work and is looking for balance to an inspiring author who just cannot quite break the publishing ceiling. Then what happens when you're in love with your roommate. Plenty of quandaries and conundrums with Guy!

Find out more on Guy HERE! and check out his book My Life As A Goddess.

20 - Ever Amazing Erin Gibson

Welcome Erin Gibson to the longest episode in history! Is it worth it? Totally, because background comedy life stuff and the joys of comedy houses are covered. Then some big moral quandries of when is it ok to do something bad the feels so good, providing an underground railroad for woman who need to get abortions in states that do not provide much help, how do you tell someone your dating that you've spent time in prision, and catching your husband venting to the bros about you, when is it healthy?

Just so you know, Erin brought amazing cookies from Dinosuar Coffee.

Find her book Femanasty Here and Tour Dates Here.

19- Staying The Night On The S.S. Dipshit

To prepare for work we decide if it's ok to get a late night handy at the jack shack and reward our hardwork with a blizzard. Matt also takes on when a missing father comes back into town, an artist who feels uninspired due to the "impending death or the world," another artist guised as a construction worker feeling stuck in concrete and a woman who's father wont let her meet her half brother.  Hope on the S.S. Dipshit, our 5 star free podcast.


18 - Totally Jason and Randy Sklar

Dumb-Da-Dumb-Dumb..DDUUMMBBB! Creepy October time and we have some questions for the Skalr brothers to help tackle.  A guy wanting to spice up his marriage, tainted push up contests, zombie survival strategy and are your parents getting dumber? Just admit you've shit your pants and dive in.

17 - What’s Up Peaches

Back to the basics with the dipshit boss himself, giving out wisdom on mullets and face tattoos, how to support the family after an "unexpected" death, bringing it in with loud neighbors who play shooting games till 3 am and helping you partner loose weight with you. Hint...LOVE Zumba. Yea, owning it!

16- Seriously Dana Gould

On a very serious note today with guest Dana Gould, it's time to help a stressed out pharmacist wanting a career change, a 42 year old vibrant woman back on the market and a young vet feeling lost in a dead end job while knocking out school. Also your kid might be a jerk, ghost nerves and good times with The Smith's drill instructor...right here... on Advice From A Dipshit.

15- Beloved Jen Kirkman

With Jen Kirkman there is a lot covered on the Dallas Buyer's Club, technicalities in selling weed or female masturbation in traffic. Say what?! She's also a huge help, via her self help book experience with separating from a controlling ex and when your past has jaded you and you are struggling to get into your feels. Jen is a brilliant woman, check out her books and then go fourth and "shake that young meat."

14- A Fucking Guru For Peace

Everyone be nice. Here we go to cover the ground of wedding guests who don't bring gifts, the mental reality of cheating, a brother using his family visits as leverage in family get togethers or maybe trying something else when working with "unmotivated millennials" or buying your first house. *Long sigh* I mean who knows.... I don't want to be a fucking guru for peace.

13- Cheeto Andrew Santino

Welcoming Andrew Santino on the show today, to give his overall pessimistic views to odd situations; like when your ex's start dating, how to get people serious about working minimum wage jobs. Hint:: Don't make love to the dough:: Then with the holidays around the corner, how do you turn your family down because let's be real...its not going to be fun. Finally some teeny tiny advice on agents.Shout out Marc Maron!

12- Kyle Kiane Everyone

After much anticipation and dipshit promotion, here is the amazing time with comedy start up buddy Kyle Kinane. We help out with a bachelor party in need, explain whirlyball, what do you do when you're a lonely asshole or 23 and feeling like its time to move out of your parents house. All shall be confronted here! Also for stand up comedy questions google John Roy's Comedy Lesson on Tumblr, it gives you all you want to know as there is only so much advice that can be given.

11- Open Mike Eagle

Our first guest since the revamp, Open Mike Eagle is here today to add his musically dipshittery for today’s perspective. So we have a rapper turned truck driver who’s feeling the burn, an “uncle to a lot of nieces” who is struggling to recommend them music, a musical couple wanting to move to LA with stars in their eyes, but should they? Well hide your bong before your parents visit your dorm and maybe go to the barber for those eyebrow hairs because this week is a doozy.

10- Fart Egg or The Shit Chicken

A couple couple conundrums and what to do about marinating cat piss. How to not come off like a contrived dick in your life and cary it over to find a way to tell the boss you're doing double duty. Speaking of double doodie, we have "what comes first the fart egg or the shit chicken?" Can a proctologist call in? Also Matt knows shit about chess.

9- Propose In The Red-Light District

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8 - Hi, I’mDoomed

It's time to sit down by the campfire with Grizzly Adams and learn how to love your woman, deal with business affairs, start a community block party and decide if you should move to Michigan and open a bar. Also a really tall guy called in and wonders if he's doomed...forever.

7- Welcome To The Fucking Neighborhood

Welcome to our dipshit neighborhood where we blast 80's ballads till 11pm, get landlord write ups for strong cooking and lights being turned on and off too much. You accidentally insult the nice old guy in the parking lot and try not to throw bins at people in airports. It's ok, this episode will help you out of your motivational rut.

6- An Excited To Meet People Butthole

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5 - How To Throw way Trash Cans

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4 - Make Sure You’re Not Being An Entitled Dick

On this episode we meddle in magic, professional wrestling, sci-fi writing and then of course, figuring out how to throw away your trash cans. Seriously! Theres several new angles on matters of the heart, but also if you didn't know a session beer is a beer you plan on having multiple of for the night. Session beer...straight out of the dipshit library.

3- Pack It All Up And CONVOY

When you end a 7 year relationship, tell the boss "no", have an identity crisis with a sprinkle of panic attacks... maybe the best thing to do is pack up your family in a van and get out of the 9-5? Or Listen to this podcast as your moment of zen.

2 - Maybe I Should Be More Human?

We're championing the nice guy while covering career happiness, answering the oddest dog question ever, breaking down safe spaces and going over road work. What else is there to say beside thank you for not bitching about how, "Nice guys never get laid."

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1- First First Episode

Episode number one...kinda! We are here for the revival. Matt's inspired to crack the mic again with help from the "monster on the boards" Amanda. Today covers drunken heartbreak, third eyes, keeping motivated and new career paths. Who's single, bilingual and ready to mingle?